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$10 a Month Partnership

Did you know that for as little as $10 a month you could literally change someone's life? We want to personally give you the opportunity to make your dollars count and give a purpose to your hard earned money. 

Your recurring monthly donation could be spread to so many different causes. It could give the children of Honduras who've lost everything; food, clothing, and medication. It could help rescue a 12 year old boy from the streets of San Pedro Sula and their heavily influenced gang territories. 

The way that we will fulfil this mission is by building a youth camp, and educational/training center in San Luis Planes that will equip the next generation with tools they need to succeed in life.

A little bit goes a long way! Partnering with us is simple, click the join button below and enter your information and select Pay Monthly! 


Annual Youth Camp

Be an essential part of our annual youth camp in Honduras!


Base Camp Housing

Join us in finishing the beautiful home for our missionary family in Honduras!


Camp Scholarship

Thank you for helping us ensure that we can fully fund every child's way to the camp!


Base Camp Restoration

Help us raise funds to purchase tools and equipment to maintain the property in Honduras.


Youth Soccer Pavillion

We are currently fundraising to build a state of the art soccer facility in Honduras that will serve many uses.


Wellness Education Center

Join us in building a wellness education center to help encourage a healthier lifestyle for the people of Honduras.